Thank you

The EMS Annual Meeting 2018 was attended by 732 participants from 50 countries. We thank all of you for your attendance and your active contribution to this outstanding event. We would be delighted to welcome you back at the EMS Annual Meeting 2019, 9–13 September 2019 at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) on the Lyngby Campus near Copenhagen, Denmark.

Winner of the Outstanding Poster Award 2018

The selection committee decided to assign the Outstanding Poster Award 2018 to Peter Kalverla of the University of Wageningen in the Netherlands, for the Poster A North Sea climatology of anomalous wind events.

This outstanding poster describes a new way to define realistic inflow fields based on weather pattern clustering to be used for the computation of energy production with off-shore wind turbines instead of idealized wind conditions. The topic is explained with a series of simple illustrations and very short texts while minimizing the use of acronyms. The fact that the method is not described in great detail was considered as a positive and innovative aspect, as it fosters the interaction with the authors. Read more



A few events have been graphically recorded by Szilard Strenner and Alexandra Ambrus from Grafacity. Explore the drawings.



Country statistics

Germany 72   Serbia 7
United Kingdom 61   Greece 6
Spain 49   Slovenia 6
Italy 45   Sweden 6
Hungary 44   Canada 5
Czech Republic 36   Taiwan 5
Switzerland 32   Australia 4
Korea, Republic of 31   Israel 4
France 29   Portugal 4
Austria 27   Ethopia 2
Finland 25   Mexico 2
China 23   Morocco 2
Croatia 23   Turkey 2
Netherlands 23   Uruguay 2
Poland 17   Bangladesh 1
United States 17   Barbados 1
Norway 16   Bosnia and Herzegovina 1
Ireland 15   Georgia 1
Romania 13   Kuwait 1
Bulgaria 11   Peru 1
Belgium 10   South Africa 1
Denmark 10   Taiwan, Province of China 1
Russian Federation 10   Tanzania 1
Brazil 9   United Arab Emirates
Japan 9  
Slovakia 8   Number of participants