Guidelines for environmental flow and dispersion modeling - what do we need?
Joint Workshop EMS-CMFF, Thursday, 6 September 2018, Budapest

Chairman: Prof. Dr. Bernd Leitl

Content: The workshop focuses on the methodology of the environmental flow and dispersion modeling. The workshop will be started with the presentation of Prof. Dr. Bernd LEITL, then some short (5-10 min) presentations can be addressed for further coloring the topic. The rest of the time can be spent on a vivid discussion on the topic, in a joint venture of the EMS Annual Meeting and CMFF18 attendees.

Target group: This 100-minutes workshop is available for both the participants of the EMS Annual Meeting 2018 and CMFF18 conference. The workshop is primarily intended for researchers who are dealing with environmental flow and dispersion modeling using wind-tunnel, meteorological and CFD simulation techniques, but we are looking forward to everyone who is interested.

Invitation for further presentations: In addition to the program, we provide the opportunity of short presentations (up to 5 minutes) for those who would briefly present their research related to the subject. If you are interested, please indicate your intention in an email to Miklós Balogh (

Location: This particular workshop will take place in Hotel Gellért (room will be determined later) on Thursday, 6 September 2018.

Time: 10:25–12:05

Programme (preliminary)

The 1-day training session will be structured as follows:

10:25–10:45 Prof. Dr. Bernd Leitl, Guidelines for environmental flow and dispersion modeling - what do we need?
10:45–10:55 Breuer H., Göndöcs J., Kovács A., Leelőssy Á., Mészáros R.: Modeling the urban environment of Budapest with the WRF and WRF-Chem models at the ELTE University
10:55–11:05 Szintai B., Csáki A., Kovács Á., Lancz D., Tímár Á.: NWP models serving dispersion applications at the Hungarian Meteorological Service: turbulence parameterization developments and validation.
11:05–11:15 Homolya E., Ferenczi Z.: Applying CHIMERE chemical transport model for the assessment of the air quality of Hungary.
11:15–11:25 Balczó M., Kristóf G., Balogh M., Wind tunnel and CFD simulation of environmental and urban flows at the Department of Fluid Mechanics.
11:25–12:05 Further presentations and discussion on the topic


Please contact for registration and further information. The registration deadline is 1 September 2018. Participation is by pre-registration only. Registration fee: free for the participants of EMS Annual Meeting and CMFF18 conference.